Visualizing Music

Posted by on Aug 29, 2006 in channeling, Design, illustration, music, poster | No Comments

In concert with my personal trend of merging musicality with creative expression, I have embraced the opportunity to visualize the music of Spies From China, a freshly born rock force here in the Northwest. The only rule: there is no rule. Process: empty mind, be the music, feel the players, channel, create, nurture and share.

Two recent posters begin to hint at the vastness of the creative envelope housing this project.

Diving Into Meta-Consciousness

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After feigning to be “tidying things up behind the scenes” at the Zimmermann Studio website for quite sometime now, I am revealing the truth that no such thing has been happening. No sweeping up of construction dust, no rearranging of code, no polishing of imagery, no impending grand-opening fanfare. Zip. Zero. Zilch. I lied and I’m sorry.

But in exchange I humbly offer you a window with a vantage point into the chaos that is the truth behind the facade. Call it a blog, call it a website, call it a confessional. What ever. The label will evolve, but the intention will remain: this is the merge-point between the creative happenings at Zimmermann Studio and the vast, super-connected meta-net of Web 2.0. I’ve set up shop on the banks of the stream of internet consciousness, and I’m hellbent on swimming with no clothes on.

Why? For reasons only hindsight will out. But beyond reason lies a compelling need to self-actualize – to know who I am. And faith. Faith that within the raw truth of my relative perspective lies a creative force more powerful than any expression of intellect. And for the freedom to love all creation – come, bastard children, artistic and otherwise. This site is a signal flare. This site is a beacon. It is a transmission of sharing, happening now without a plan, brief, or clear agenda. It is evidence of an only-time-can-categorize collection of creativity, entrusted into cohesion by the singular commonality that is my life. This is how I’m livin’.

So without further ado and consideration, let us shove off into adventure.