In Search of Bookish

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It’s Book Fair time again in Seattle, and this year’s poster is another bit of photo/graphic cleverness from Zimmermann Studio.

Of particular insider interest is how difficult it was to follow up my own design from last year, so well-received by many. One-offs are easy, series are hard. After floundering about in the world of ornamentation and dense illustration, I settled back into a smarter, more cerebral groove. Always “bookish”, the client reminded me.

So how did I create it? I first shot the stack of books without covers, then created a visual guide by overlaying the type for positioning. I then printed the type block in black on plain white paper and made custom covers for each book, taking care to position the type using my visual guide. Then I re-stacked the books, shot the photo and removed all areas of duplicated, overlaying type.

typeface: housebroken clean, house industries // photography & design: Denis Zimmermann // ©2008 Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair

Brand Textures :: Jack’d Skimboards

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Working exclusively with the sketches of local artist and entrepreneur John Sarkis, Zimmermann Studio designs a series of repeating brand textures for budding Whidbey Island venture, Jack’d Skimboards. These wildly expressive b&w patterns are designed to be tile-able for seamless application on a broad range of products, from T’s, skimboards, headwear and accessories, to web backgrounds, packaging and brand communication.

“Working with the art of another – this was a new challenge and a fascinating adventure for me. As I twisted and turned through this foreign visual world, I butted up against the limitations and vulnerabilities of my own artistic identity. What does it say about me? How will it be received? Can I stand behind it? Why is this so exhilarating?

I never would have spontaneously ended up here in a million years, but through the experience, I feel my creative boundaries have expanded – redefined and opened-up to include fresh charges of stimulation from a well of inspiration more vast than I had previously known. John’s enthusiasm for the work was infectious, and the patterns are brimming with promises of new, unexpected intersections.”

Design: Zimmermann Studio
Illustration: John Sarkis
images ©2008 Jack’d Skimboards

Three Days in Aptos

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Spyder Freeryde embraces Summer with an upcoming line of performance riding gear, and Snaps is there to capture the essence.

I recently spent three days in Aptos, California with Frank Creative Group and the Spyder Freeryde bike team, capturing mood and essence in signature ZS style for Spyder’s new summer line of performance riding gear. First-unit shooting was deftly handled by consummate action specialist Chris O’Connell (big thank you to him and his crew for doing the heavy lifting,) and my atmospheric, b-roll type shots filled out the collection.

Click on the mini-viewer to open the full-size promo. (*If mini-viewer is missing, click here for direct link to stand-alone viewer.)

Stay tuned for details of Spyder’s Summer 08 Lookbook, designed by guess who. Coming soon to a blog post near you.

Images ©2008 Denis Zimmermann


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Giant Catfish vs. Lady Liberty. Human Log Roll vs. Spicy Tuna Roll. Wasaaaabi?

Frank and Zimmermann Studio team up to bring you this white hot print campaign for Spyder Freeryde, featuring newschool ski pros Cory Vanular, Keri Herman, Sean Field and Josh Bibby. Perhaps the only time a giant squid has squared off with a burrito, in print. Look for them in a Freeskier Magazine near you.

Agency: Frank Creative Group // CD: Dave Karstad // AD: Denis Zimmermann // CW: Jeff Jenks

‘Twas the Season

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Better late
than never.
My love to
you all,

©2007 Denis Zimmermann ::

Doodles in Gold

Living Green Natural Food and Apothecary is a special little health food store and cafe in the cozy town of Langley, Washington, on beautiful Whidbey Island. Their annual Holiday Bizarre is part craft fair, part food bazaar, with a quirky inventory of one-of-a-kind stocking stuffers and goodies to keep you feeling good. This year’s poster features a self-amused reindeer against golden, translucent woven vellum.

©2007 Denis Zimmermann

Captain Incognito at Chop Suey

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Port Townsend is a historic, Victorian seaport on the Olympic Peninsula, and a great place to ferry over from Whidbey for a day-trip or charming dinner date. But soon they may become just as famous for being the home of rock/pop trio Captain Incognito, who put on a spirited show of the newest new wave and gotta-clap-your-hands dance grooves. Their music packs a far more potent punch than you’d expect from teenage rockers – these three guys know how to get a dance floor moving.

Catch them at Chop Suey in Seattle, Washington on 9/9, or risk losing them to bigger arenas forever. (w/Sam Squared and special guests.)

Featured Typeface: Gothic Blond, Husky // t26

That’s My Skull!!!

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Not a lot of fluff here. Sometimes, the right response to sincerity is more of it. Logo and Poster by Zimmermann Studio. Rock on.

Pink Goats Live On Happy Farms

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Whidbey Island’s own Fay Farm opens its barn doors for a benefit festival, featuring everything from live music to bicycle repair workshops to feasts cooked in their own earth oven! Abundance, Growth, Nature and Warmth were the cues for this uplifting poster. Pink goat is a state of mind. Visit

A Poster Is A Feeling

There is a fear that grips a so-called creative mind. It lurks behind a blank page, waiting to pounce while the clock ticks tock and the fog sets in. Have you heard that action always leads to inspiration but seldom the other way? So I trust in a feeling and let love take over. This time, the result is a snail on a hand with denim, stained glass and steno blue.

The Wee Beasties fuse two bodies into one song, Jason on guitar and Jared singing. Performance is in their soul, and they’re coming to a café near you. This show goes down at Living Green in Langley.