Holidays are Bizarre at Living Green Natural Food & Apothecary

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Living Green Natural Food and Apothecary presents their umpteenth annual Holiday Bizarre! Join your other cool selves for nurturing in the magical space, browse for gifts and feel the love.

And if the free coffee, cider and snacks don’t get you warmed up, maybe the Theta Healing, Reiki, Massage, Tarot, Energy Matrix and Polarity Therapies will.

Saturdays in December until Christmas. On beautiful Whidbey Island.

Typeface: Solex Medium, Emigre

Design: ©2008 denis zimmermann :: zimmermannstudio

New Faces and The Raggedy Anns on Whidbey

Project Pal presents Pacific Northwest recording artists New Faces and The Raggedy Anns, with special guest Krissy. November 22, 2008 at Bayview Front Room on Whidbey Island.

New Faces are tearing it up these days. Seattle’s hottest indie teen rockers, I say. See them live. Be infected with their groove. Buy their debut album “Two Years”, from Loveless Records.

The Raggedy Anns list Django Reinhardt, Dr. Seuss and the Kinks as influences. They are a mash-up of fun folky swing pop rock. Yep. We are stoked to have them come to Whidbey.

Catch these bands on KEXP.

Peace out, D.

Typeface: Ironmonger Inlaid & Extended
Poster: ©2008 Denis Zimmermann, Zimmermann Studio

LAKE + Desolation Wilderness @ Living Green

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K Records recording artists LAKE and Desolation Wilderness perform at Living Green, October 17, 2008. Another fine Project Pal presentation.

Poster design by Zimmermann Studio.
typeface: Cottonwood

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Useless Music at Useless Bay Coffee Company

Useless Bay Coffee Company is now serving up live entertainment from its signature outdoor stage, along with their ever-popular house-roasted coffee!

Enjoy a peaceful moment in the beautiful garden setting while daydreaming to the sounds of local and guest artists. Now, through the month of September.

Typeface: AG Book Stencil
Design & Illustration :: Denis Zimmermann
©2008 Zimmermann Studio

Deer City + The Nextdoor Neighbors: Rocking, on and on.

Are humans growing more talented each generation, or what?

Take, for example, Deer City, aka Jeffery Stillwell of Issaquah – only 16 and already turning out some truly polished songs with lyrics beyond his years and melodies that stick like gum.

The young ladies of The Nextdoor Neighbors return to Whidbey, bringing their infectious brand of blip pop and grooves back to the island from hometown Olympia. Two keyboards = double the fun. Jealous?

And let us not forget to mention the hipsters at Project PAL who are working tirelessly and joyfully to bring us the coolest music and art events around. Big props to these big thinkers.

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©2008 Denis Zimmermann :: zimmermannstudio

The Kindest Cut

Not all paper cuts sting. Like this beauty, cut with love for didgeridoo musician and Seattleite Joseph Sanchez. Catch him and his “didge”, reverberating this summer at Pike’s Place Market.

Peace, D.

©2008 Denis Zimmermann // Zimmermann Studio

The Nextdoor Neighbors Come A-Knockin’

Living Green Natural Food & Apothecary (Whidbey Island, WA) and Project PAL are happy to present a special night of music with Olympia’s own THE NEXTDOOR NEIGHBORS. We are lucky to have them visit us on Whidbey, as they are hot off of runner’s-up honors at this year’s Sound-Off!,the Pacific Northwest’s largest under-age battle of the bands. These two girls make infectious electro-folk-hop. Playing with them are Whidbey’s own creative geniuses Eric and Gabe, playing together as ERABE.

Designer’s Comment: The headline type is Oakland Six, one of Emigré‘s first typefaces (1985,) designed by renowned type designer Zuzana Licko. It has since been re-named and re-packaged as Lo-Res. Kickin’ it old skool.

typefaces: oakland six, emigre; cortez, elsner & flake.
©2008 Zimmermann Studio / Denis Zimmermann

Snaps Folio: Smith Studios

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SNAPS photography portfolio featuring images shot expressly for Smith Studios. Read more about this project and accompanying components in the previous post.

*** Click mini-viewer or cover image to launch full-size pdf viewer. ***

photography: Denis Zimmermann

FFZSA: Smith Studio Brand Package

What’s FFZSA? Favorites From the Zimmermann Studio Archive, naturally.

The first installment in this series comes from a few years back, with a full suite of works created for the super people at Smith Studios. Proprietor Mike Smith runs a terrific imaging operation in San Diego, offering a full digital workflow of photographic, video and retouching services.

Ever the team player, Mike wanted his crew to feel fully represented, so for the logo we included a group. If you knew them, you might recognize their silhouettes. And for the brochure, we chose to simply share the authentic atmosphere in a journalistic, behind-the-scenes flavor. Over the span of a week, in studio and on location, I photographed working spaces while a real live project was underway (for Petco.) A key function of the brochure is its modularity. The pages are printed in-house and assembled with hand-pulled portfolios, selected specifically for appropriateness of inquiry.

The identity suite is also designed with maximum versatility in mind, featuring adhesive-backed, repeating-image label strips which are applied to the letterhead and envelopes as needed, on-the-fly.

Special thanks go out to Greg Burger for implementing the web component with skill and grace. And patience. Business cards were beautifully printed by Joel Green and team at L&L Printers, San Diego.

*** Custom portfolio of Snaps photography from this project will be available for your perusal in post immediately following.***

design & copy: Zimmermann Studio
photography: Snaps, Denis Zimmermann

Look Ma, No Ground!

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A few posts ago, I shared a series of my photographs from the Spyder shoot in Aptos, California (where, incidentally, I spent a couple of glorious summers back in the late ’70s.) I am happy now to present to you the finished Freeryde Summer 08 Look Book, featuring some very rad bike action and some very rad bike action gear, natch.

Once again, big thanks are going out to Frank Creative for bringing it all together, lead photographer Chris O’Connell and his crew, the marketing team at Spyder for their trust and support, Jeff Jenks for inspiration and words, and everyone else who worked hard and played hard for the duration of this project. Especially the riders.

Some ginormous number of these were printed. Look for them in these following mags and issues: Freeskier (Jan), Decline (Mar), Women’s Adventure (Mar/Apr), and Mountain Bike Action (May).

***Click on mini-viewer or cover image to launch full-size viewer.***

design: Frank Creative + Zimmermann Studio // photography: Chris O’Connell + Denis Zimmermann // copywriting: Frank Creative + Jeff Jenks