New Faces and The Raggedy Anns on Whidbey

Project Pal presents Pacific Northwest recording artists New Faces and The Raggedy Anns, with special guest Krissy. November 22, 2008 at Bayview Front Room on Whidbey Island.

New Faces are tearing it up these days. Seattle’s hottest indie teen rockers, I say. See them live. Be infected with their groove. Buy their debut album “Two Years”, from Loveless Records.

The Raggedy Anns list Django Reinhardt, Dr. Seuss and the Kinks as influences. They are a mash-up of fun folky swing pop rock. Yep. We are stoked to have them come to Whidbey.

Catch these bands on KEXP.

Peace out, D.

Typeface: Ironmonger Inlaid & Extended
Poster: ©2008 Denis Zimmermann, Zimmermann Studio

The Nextdoor Neighbors Come A-Knockin’

Living Green Natural Food & Apothecary (Whidbey Island, WA) and Project PAL are happy to present a special night of music with Olympia’s own THE NEXTDOOR NEIGHBORS. We are lucky to have them visit us on Whidbey, as they are hot off of runner’s-up honors at this year’s Sound-Off!,the Pacific Northwest’s largest under-age battle of the bands. These two girls make infectious electro-folk-hop. Playing with them are Whidbey’s own creative geniuses Eric and Gabe, playing together as ERABE.

Designer’s Comment: The headline type is Oakland Six, one of Emigré‘s first typefaces (1985,) designed by renowned type designer Zuzana Licko. It has since been re-named and re-packaged as Lo-Res. Kickin’ it old skool.

typefaces: oakland six, emigre; cortez, elsner & flake.
©2008 Zimmermann Studio / Denis Zimmermann

Showdown: Pixel vs. Vector

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When San Diego advertising agency Matthews Evans Albertazzi commissioned Zimmermann Studio to design a graphic badge for their premium golf brand client, Odyssey, one of the stipulations was the need for the image to reproduce at large sizes for banners and trade shows. I opted to first design the badge in Photoshop for its versatility with Bevel and Emboss effects, then take the approved design into Illustrator to create a scalable version composed entirely of vectors. Generally, Blended shapes were created and layered using either Screen mode for highlights and Multiply for shadows. Many, many points later, the vector twin was complete. The split graphic here shows the Photoshop version on the left and the Illustrator version on the right.

A word of caution, however, for those who venture down this path: while the final Illustrator file is a fraction of the size of the Photoshop file, you may find your older, single processor machines choking on the heavy calculations required of vectors this complex. And don’t attempt this without a sharp monitor and comfortable task chair.

Special thanks to Mark Albertazzi and John Meyer at MEA for their deft creative direction and kind support.

Complex Vectors and Delicious Pies

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While I ponder the notion of “blog post worthiness” and “profundity”, please enjoy these lovely patterns designed in conjunction with Brainsaw for Marie Callender’s Restaurants. Each pie server and flatware piece was first manually traced, then scanned and re-drawn with custom design interpretations using Adobe Illustrator. Bezier curve training for the Jedi.