Trombone Connects to the Hip Bone

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Event poster for Northwest jazz quartet The Green Livers. Entire design, with exception of venue logo, credit line and texture strips, is created with elements from a single typeface, Zoroaster from T-26. Dismantled letterforms are repurposed in a “build-as-I-go” process to create iconic instruments, signage and border elements, resulting in a completely fresh take on the jazzy backstreet improvisation of the Paris and New Orleans in my mind.

The Times They Are A-Recurring.

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Singer/songwriter Daniel Hallock (aka Daniel Davies) performs his take on folk music with a generous tip of the hat to the greats who defined the genre (Bob Dylan , Arlo Guthrie, et al.) This poster is an intersection of my exploration into stippling shading techniques (based on densities of ink points), Daniel’s “old soul” approach to life, and the spirit in which we learn to embrace the circumstances that we perceive. Background textures courtesy of my Ibanez acoustic.

Boombox 2.0

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My great friends over at DRA asked me to create a visual mood for, their online shop for indie music ringtone downloads. A fun twist on the classic “boombox on the shoulder” theme was juuust riiiight. Incidentally, Zimmermann Studio recommends ringtones by Death Cab For Cutie, The Decemberists, Nada Surf, Elliott Smith,….

Visualizing Music, Part II

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The Spies From China phenomenon continues. This time, opening for überhot Seattle trio The Blakes. The poster: an exploration of mood, line and legibility through the contrasting spaces of black and white. An elemental seed in the history trail that leads to legacy.

Diving Into Meta-Consciousness

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After feigning to be “tidying things up behind the scenes” at the Zimmermann Studio website for quite sometime now, I am revealing the truth that no such thing has been happening. No sweeping up of construction dust, no rearranging of code, no polishing of imagery, no impending grand-opening fanfare. Zip. Zero. Zilch. I lied and I’m sorry.

But in exchange I humbly offer you a window with a vantage point into the chaos that is the truth behind the facade. Call it a blog, call it a website, call it a confessional. What ever. The label will evolve, but the intention will remain: this is the merge-point between the creative happenings at Zimmermann Studio and the vast, super-connected meta-net of Web 2.0. I’ve set up shop on the banks of the stream of internet consciousness, and I’m hellbent on swimming with no clothes on.

Why? For reasons only hindsight will out. But beyond reason lies a compelling need to self-actualize – to know who I am. And faith. Faith that within the raw truth of my relative perspective lies a creative force more powerful than any expression of intellect. And for the freedom to love all creation – come, bastard children, artistic and otherwise. This site is a signal flare. This site is a beacon. It is a transmission of sharing, happening now without a plan, brief, or clear agenda. It is evidence of an only-time-can-categorize collection of creativity, entrusted into cohesion by the singular commonality that is my life. This is how I’m livin’.

So without further ado and consideration, let us shove off into adventure.