Snaps Folio: Smith Studios

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SNAPS photography portfolio featuring images shot expressly for Smith Studios. Read more about this project and accompanying components in the previous post.

*** Click mini-viewer or cover image to launch full-size pdf viewer. ***

photography: Denis Zimmermann

FFZSA: Smith Studio Brand Package

What’s FFZSA? Favorites From the Zimmermann Studio Archive, naturally.

The first installment in this series comes from a few years back, with a full suite of works created for the super people at Smith Studios. Proprietor Mike Smith runs a terrific imaging operation in San Diego, offering a full digital workflow of photographic, video and retouching services.

Ever the team player, Mike wanted his crew to feel fully represented, so for the logo we included a group. If you knew them, you might recognize their silhouettes. And for the brochure, we chose to simply share the authentic atmosphere in a journalistic, behind-the-scenes flavor. Over the span of a week, in studio and on location, I photographed working spaces while a real live project was underway (for Petco.) A key function of the brochure is its modularity. The pages are printed in-house and assembled with hand-pulled portfolios, selected specifically for appropriateness of inquiry.

The identity suite is also designed with maximum versatility in mind, featuring adhesive-backed, repeating-image label strips which are applied to the letterhead and envelopes as needed, on-the-fly.

Special thanks go out to Greg Burger for implementing the web component with skill and grace. And patience. Business cards were beautifully printed by Joel Green and team at L&L Printers, San Diego.

*** Custom portfolio of Snaps photography from this project will be available for your perusal in post immediately following.***

design & copy: Zimmermann Studio
photography: Snaps, Denis Zimmermann

Words, Unplugged.

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I like big books and I cannot lie.

So, please enjoy this poster which I recently completed for the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair, the premier Pacific Northwest rare book event.

More personally, my latest read -> The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are, by Alan Watts. Highly recommend. A presentation of profound Eastern perspectives interpreted brilliantly for the Western mind. For getting on with the business of enjoying life, y’all.