Stanfest Poster


South Whidbey rallies once again for one of it’s own. Community at its best. Rock on, y’alls.

New Faces and The Raggedy Anns on Whidbey

Project Pal presents Pacific Northwest recording artists New Faces and The Raggedy Anns, with special guest Krissy. November 22, 2008 at Bayview Front Room on Whidbey Island.

New Faces are tearing it up these days. Seattle’s hottest indie teen rockers, I say. See them live. Be infected with their groove. Buy their debut album “Two Years”, from Loveless Records.

The Raggedy Anns list Django Reinhardt, Dr. Seuss and the Kinks as influences. They are a mash-up of fun folky swing pop rock. Yep. We are stoked to have them come to Whidbey.

Catch these bands on KEXP.

Peace out, D.

Typeface: Ironmonger Inlaid & Extended
Poster: ©2008 Denis Zimmermann, Zimmermann Studio

Useless Music at Useless Bay Coffee Company

Useless Bay Coffee Company is now serving up live entertainment from its signature outdoor stage, along with their ever-popular house-roasted coffee!

Enjoy a peaceful moment in the beautiful garden setting while daydreaming to the sounds of local and guest artists. Now, through the month of September.

Typeface: AG Book Stencil
Design & Illustration :: Denis Zimmermann
©2008 Zimmermann Studio

Deer City + The Nextdoor Neighbors: Rocking, on and on.

Are humans growing more talented each generation, or what?

Take, for example, Deer City, aka Jeffery Stillwell of Issaquah – only 16 and already turning out some truly polished songs with lyrics beyond his years and melodies that stick like gum.

The young ladies of The Nextdoor Neighbors return to Whidbey, bringing their infectious brand of blip pop and grooves back to the island from hometown Olympia. Two keyboards = double the fun. Jealous?

And let us not forget to mention the hipsters at Project PAL who are working tirelessly and joyfully to bring us the coolest music and art events around. Big props to these big thinkers.

typeface: Glaser Stencil

©2008 Denis Zimmermann :: zimmermannstudio

The Nextdoor Neighbors Come A-Knockin’

Living Green Natural Food & Apothecary (Whidbey Island, WA) and Project PAL are happy to present a special night of music with Olympia’s own THE NEXTDOOR NEIGHBORS. We are lucky to have them visit us on Whidbey, as they are hot off of runner’s-up honors at this year’s Sound-Off!,the Pacific Northwest’s largest under-age battle of the bands. These two girls make infectious electro-folk-hop. Playing with them are Whidbey’s own creative geniuses Eric and Gabe, playing together as ERABE.

Designer’s Comment: The headline type is Oakland Six, one of Emigré‘s first typefaces (1985,) designed by renowned type designer Zuzana Licko. It has since been re-named and re-packaged as Lo-Res. Kickin’ it old skool.

typefaces: oakland six, emigre; cortez, elsner & flake.
©2008 Zimmermann Studio / Denis Zimmermann

A Poster Is A Feeling

There is a fear that grips a so-called creative mind. It lurks behind a blank page, waiting to pounce while the clock ticks tock and the fog sets in. Have you heard that action always leads to inspiration but seldom the other way? So I trust in a feeling and let love take over. This time, the result is a snail on a hand with denim, stained glass and steno blue.

The Wee Beasties fuse two bodies into one song, Jason on guitar and Jared singing. Performance is in their soul, and they’re coming to a café near you. This show goes down at Living Green in Langley.

Swirls and Curls in Black and Red

Northwest musician team Levi Burkle and James Hinkley are at it again, this time as The Best Duo Ever, performing live at WICA, The Whidbey Island Center for the Arts.

Right away, I saw this poster as an opportunity to explore the swirls and curls of super-typeface Affair, to temper the audacious band name with humor and still not pull any punches. I enhanced legibility (seriously) by accentuating the core of the letterforms in red.

And if there is ever a chance to draw a guitar, I will do it.

Come Together Right Now

Pacific Northwest artists, musicians and citizens come together in a spirit of solidarity for the support of sustainable community practices and perspectives.

Featuring the music of The Swinging Nettles, Clem Floyd, Levi Burkle, The Nasty Left and The Kettle (c’est moi,) this event promises a feast for the ears, eyes, mind and spirit.

Presented by the dedicated humans at SoundCitizens.Org, with special thanks to Curtis Leonard for his passion and effort. Naturally, design by Zimmermann Studio. Peace.

Visualizing Music

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In concert with my personal trend of merging musicality with creative expression, I have embraced the opportunity to visualize the music of Spies From China, a freshly born rock force here in the Northwest. The only rule: there is no rule. Process: empty mind, be the music, feel the players, channel, create, nurture and share.

Two recent posters begin to hint at the vastness of the creative envelope housing this project.