A Poster Is A Feeling

There is a fear that grips a so-called creative mind. It lurks behind a blank page, waiting to pounce while the clock ticks tock and the fog sets in. Have you heard that action always leads to inspiration but seldom the other way? So I trust in a feeling and let love take over. This time, the result is a snail on a hand with denim, stained glass and steno blue.

The Wee Beasties fuse two bodies into one song, Jason on guitar and Jared singing. Performance is in their soul, and they’re coming to a café near you. This show goes down at Living Green in Langley.

Visualizing Music

Posted by on Aug 29, 2006 in channeling, Design, illustration, music, poster | No Comments

In concert with my personal trend of merging musicality with creative expression, I have embraced the opportunity to visualize the music of Spies From China, a freshly born rock force here in the Northwest. The only rule: there is no rule. Process: empty mind, be the music, feel the players, channel, create, nurture and share.

Two recent posters begin to hint at the vastness of the creative envelope housing this project.